Engineering of Plastic molding process

PET bottle Our specialists of a plastic molding technique offers coherent support from an equipment specifications, a production process, quality control to factory administration.

・Plastic molding processing machine sale and technological assistance
・Recycling equipment design production of the plastic bottles
・Repair and maintenance check of the plastic molding processing machines

Optical products

LED lighting tubes

LED tube We can supply several types of LED lights (tube, bulb, lamp). Daylight and White color light is avaialble. Reduction electric consumption and CO2.

LED light has many advantages as follows;

  • longer lifetime of 4-5 times than conventional fluorecent lamp, reducing running cost
  • as the result of increasing almost none of UV rays, control the coming flying of insects
  • Reduce environmental load because of no toxic substances Pb and Hg, Recycle available
  • no brinking the light, reduce fatigue of eyes

▼Read more in Ca_LED_11(PDF) documentation.

Importing Optical lens

Optical lens We import Korean made high quality optical lens (naotech Co., Ltd. .

NAOTECH has a good reputation for the production of a small optic lens for a PC camera and cell-phones. We suggest a lens for in-vehicle megapixel CCD cameras, a lens for security cameras, a variable focus lens for low price of high quality.

▼Read more in naotech HP .